Heba’s Exclusive Online Training Program

This program will keep your muscles guessing for what’s going to happen next.

8 Week Be

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The start to your evolution.

Building resilience from the inside-out. 

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Guaranteed Growth

With our programs you can expect challenges that’ll help you break boundaries, push your limits and discover how much more you’re capable of, mentally and physically. We're here to support you along your journey to ensure you experience a total mind, body and soul transformation.

Nutrition Program

Yo-yo diets aren’t our thing. We believe simplicity leads to sustainability which leads to long term happiness and health. With our easy to follow personalized macro calculations and nutrition knowledge, you’ll learn everything you to need to know about making better choices.

Hybrid Workouts

We specialize in Hybrid Training, an alternative to gym exercises that are more enjoyable and less repetitive. It configures bodybuilding, powerlifting, and performance based components to cover every aspect of the perfect workout.

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6 Week Fat Burning Guide

**This is a downloadable digital file only that will be sent to you via e-mail within 24 houts**

The program entails:
-Ketosis (Teaching your body how to use fat for energy instead of sugar)
-Carb Cycling (Learn how to balance out carbs in your diet- they’re good for you!)
-Learn exactly what to eat, meal to meal, and how many meals to eat each day.
-Learn when to eat your earned meal aka ‘cheat meal
And SO much more!
The goal of this program is to improve your eating habits for the long run. No macro-count, no starvation and no boring food!
Vegan Friendly**

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Real Results!

“Before I started personal training with Heba, I would go to the gym and only do cardio and legs. However, that didn't get me the results I longed for. I was weak and constantly lacking energy. I realized I needed a trainer who knew how to improve the body through consistency, patience, and the right workouts.”   - Andrea Romero

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