Ramadhan Poem by Heba

Ramadhan is a month that prescribes us to fast,

Abstaining from food and drink from dusk till dawn. 

Fasting forces me to stay present. Not go so fast. 

Focusing on forgiveness, healing. Letting bygones be gone. 

I hear the hunger pangs, and replace time nourishing, with reflection. 

I find myself abundant with clarity, prescriptive about how I react and moving with clearer intention. 

Instead of pursuing material wants, needs, thoughts and desires, 

I listen for my soul, feel my ego suppressing, see a truer picture of what my body and mind really requires. 

Ramadhan reminds me every year how to find discipline in a society full of excess,

How to start every day with a non-negotiable intention, and end with a celebration of success. 

Ramadhan teaches me how to starve my body to feed my soul. 

For a person cannot be truly happy, until they have mastered self control.