Thinking Big & Delivering Results

I can’t believe it's the middle of May. The season change is in fullswing. It’s always amazing to me how the transformatioin of life happens at this time of the year. From hibernation , to life almost. There’s a sense of excitement in the air. Running outside lets me see the people, places and things that for the past (6 months it seems like) season, have been shuttered, quiet and empty. 

Connection is so important. As Evolve Nation enters this season of growth, potential and opportunity, I wanted to discuss some of my key focuses as a leader, and as a creator. 

I align myself closely with the leadership principle of thinking big. To me, it means not restricting my school of thought to just the present. It means seeing around corners - and this translates into making decisions for our community that put its long term interests before short term interests. Some pointed examples of this could be how I plan the new Coaching program.

I listened to so much feedback from people about the Evolve Nation Challenges and the programs which are available. They work, theyre helpful, they’re life changing - are just some of the anecdotes I am so blessed to hear back. But there’s also something that I’ve been thinking about, and that's how long term success or sustainable results are a result of mechanisms, not best intentions.

Challenges and programs are great. But my new coaching program is my response to challenging myself to think long term about fitness and health; form the perspective of community building. I wanted to use technology to deliver people, in their homes and at their convenience, something that is more personal, customizable and intimate than a challenge. I wanted to think big about how I leverage my knowledge and undetsanding of fitness, the human body and mindset to actually empower people to take control of their long term fitness and health. That is the catalyst for the launch of this coaching program. 

Now; delivering results. This is pretty clear cut.

As a leadership principle, it means setting the bar of performance for me and my team every day. It means that meeting expectations, hitting goals, hitting targets - are not exceptions, but norms. The culture of delivering results that me and my team have built at Evolve Nation and EVLV Gear has so far resulted in one of our most transformative years; reaching more people, impacting more lives, and having a greater impact in our community. 

The coaching programs are built with so much specification and science in the backend, that it sometimes makes me wonder in awe at how far we have come.

I wanted to invite the Evolve Nation to check out our coaching programs because they speak to delivering results. One of my mentors told me once that “relying on mechanisms means you have a plan. Relying on best intentions means you rely on hope”. When it comes to delivering and achieving results, as the old saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

I want to invite you all to our coaching program and leverage cutting edge technology, customization and program specifications to take the plan of success, and the mechanism for how you get there, into your own hands. 

Tell me what you think. Leave comments, email me. My next cycle of innovation and delivery is always catalyzed by what you tell me. 

With love, always,