LESSON 1: Letting go. Eliminate To Evolve.

What Mother Nature Teaches Us:

In order to survive winter, trees shed their leaves to conserve energy. This is a good reminder for us to introspect our priorities to discover the “energy drainers” we need to drop. Over-thinking? Negative thoughts? Toxic Relationships? What are the Must haves, should haves, or could haves in our lives? 

We shouldn’t just learn to ‘be ok’ with letting go of…we should encourage it more. Through these analogies, we can better grasp the purpose and beauty of spacing space for growth. Remaining fluid and open with our thoughts, ideas and what is possible for us. 

Goodbyes do not come naturally for people - we have to constantly and consciously be  reminded of the value of elimination. This applies to everything in life. Take a look around, and think ; what do i really need, and what am i holding on too? 

It’s not about losing. It’s about leaning into growth. 

Everyday, you and I make sacrifices and trust in some process. We allow ourselves to outgrow past beliefs, people, places and habits despite the discomfort that accompanies that progress. Like a tree, we’re bracing the season with full confidence that our leaves will blossom once again – but this time even better. 


LESSON 2: Nurture Your Roots.


The winter season is vital for the survival and maturation of the tree. This dormancy is a time of preparation for the new growth that will appear in the spring. Similarly, this season is vital for us as well. A quiet time to step back, reflect, gather thoughts and prepare for periods of growth. Without this period we may be tempted to push ahead and go, go, go…ultimately causing us to burn out.

While the winter is optimal for preparation and introspection - it is not the only season we’re limited to. For example, Ramadan isn’t always in the summer or winter, it changes. However, Ramadan is that ‘season’ for me where I am able to step back, shift gears,  and hone in on my values, vision and personal development.

Moral of the story: Nature gives us four seasons. Spring’s new life, Summer’s bounty, Autumn’s harvest, Winter’s peace. Embrace life where you find yourself right now.