Timing of Food + Training

People are unique with their bodies response, however, when it comes down to the science here are some things to consider with the timing of your food.


Before Training

1. You want to avoid eating sooner than an hour before your workout. After you eat, your body goes into parasympathetic mode, meaning 'rest and digest'. However, it cannot do that, if you're asking it to workout. This leads to indigestion, bloat and lack of efficiency during your workout. 


Having simple sugars such as fruit, or even grains like oatmeal are a great option. They're easy to digest. Some protein options to consider: eggs, tuna or chicken salad. Again, keeping the sauces minimal and the meal light.


During Your Workout

You can sip on bcaas or an electrolyte drink to keep you hydrated and avoid cramps. I currently use WomensBest bcaas and my favorite flavor is watermelon. 


Post Workout

This isn't as critical as the pre-workout meal timing. You can eat any macro (fat,carb,protein) but I recommend taking a protein shake within 30-45 minutes if you're looking to build muscle. 

I also use WomensBest Vegan Protein in Chocolate and Cookies & Cream. I love how easily the powder blends and tastes. 


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I hope you found this helpful. For more information, watch my YouTube Video on this topic.




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