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Ramadan is an amazing time! But being unprepared, not so amazing. The endless messages in need of guidance inspired me to create this program and help you sustain your health/fitness. I worked so hard to create this  and since Ramadan is about giving, I am giving you 50% off my program so you can be prepared and succeed this Ramadan!

 This program is suitable for all fitness levels

Whats Inside:

    • 30 Day Workout Plan (No equipment needed!) 
    • 20-30 Minutes HIIT Style Home Workouts
    • Exercise Demo Videos Included for each workout
    • Exercises are modified for all fitness levels
    • Nutrition Guide 
    • Recipes
    • Mindset Tips
    • PLUS giving you my avocado recipe book for free!

Ramadan Kareem brothers and sisters, wishing you all the strength and happiness!


For those who are not Muslim but partaking in this program, I'm so happy to have you join us during this special time. There is much will power, discipline, gratitude and growth to gain from this experience. Can't wait to do this together and come out stronger! 


This is an E-book, which means you get to start right away. You will be provided a download link with your order confirmation!