Nathalia Polanco

Testimonals: Nathalia Polanco

Fitness journey’s tell a special, specific story of who we aspire to be and the sacrifices we are willing to make to exceed our on going results. When I say on going, in other terms I mean, the process of continuing to learn more about ourselves, listening to our bodies and what it’s asking of us and knowing that the chapter does not end at goal one or two but that we should allow ourselves to have the freedom to understand what works for us. My name is Nathalia Polanco and I am one of Heba Ali’s clients. Heba not only has been one of the first female trainers I have worked with but her passion, vision, and dedication has led my consistency to achieving my personal quotas to another level. When I first started my fitness journey with Heba, I was about 113 lbs. Prior to training with her I do have a record of having other personal trainers but I wanted a change. It was heavy in my heart to try something new and I am ecstatic I took the courage to do so. I am a very detailed person. I like things a certain way and also like to be understood. Heba payed attention to every detail of what I requested and added her own twist not only in the physical but also mental aspect. I stand now at 125 lbs. Adding muscle weight was always a struggle for me. Nonetheless I was able to accomplish the beginning of my journey in a matter of 8 months. I am one year in and I am still working towards executing the ultimate goal. Heba has encouraged each and every one of her clients to challenge themselves in ways they personally couldn’t have imagined doing, with such a strong personality it helps you fight through in every work out and allows you to prove to your own self that all things are possible. I also want to address her commitment to checking up on us outside of training even when it’s not asked for. It says a lot about who she is and what she wants for us. With that being said I hope my testimony can reach anyone that’s in need of insight, growth and motivation to understand that the time is now. My best advice would be to work at your own pace, stick true to who you are and what you believe and always be your number one fan! Thank you Heba. Let’s keep rocking! 

-Nathalia Polanco

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