Barbara Sevillano

Testimonals: Barbara Sevillano

I would like to begin with, during high school, I use to be very insecure about myself, especially with how I looked physically. I was very small, petite, looking like a little string bean, who didn’t really get anyone’s attention or even felt good about herself. Realistically speaking, I barely had much going on in “look” wise. With that mentality, it came along with depression phases, which build up zero confidence in myself.  In my sophomore year, I started to join the gym and thought maybe this can help build up my low self-esteem. Gladly, it did helped in a way but I barely knew what I was doing.  All I would do is run on the treadmill or attend to a Zumba class and called it a day. As many times with that same routine, I thought to myself how I wanted to do more with working out just so I can be as confident as many people seemed to be. During college, I was also in a relationship that traumatized me mentally and emotionally.  It wasn’t the best experience in my life and I wished it ended on a better note. All the emotional abuse, stress and drama was refraining and putting me down majority of the time. I was losing myself , I wasn’t happy , I wanted to isolate myself from everyone, it was not a healthy place I found myself in. I wanted to focus more on me and become a lot more comfortable in my own skin. At one point I stopped going to the gym and everything was not getting any better but worse. Until one day,  I remember reaching out to Heba on social media asking to become my personal trainer because I really wanted to feel good about myself and start building that confidence and reaching that goal I always admired to have. I noticed Heba, from her workout videos she posts on social media and what captivated me the most about her was her confidence and strength she had especially for a women. Once Heba started training me and time flew by , I can literally say that I’m in love with myself more than I ever was before. What a big difference from the emotions I use to feel compared to now! Heba , although she’s my personal trainer  she became someone very important to me in my life. In an aspect , I admired her strength and her perspective in viewing things , it made me feel like I wasn’t the only one who goes through these tough situations in life because we all struggle somehow. I wake up every day in a better mood, my physical strength is stronger than ever, my looks have completely improved tremendously. But most importantly, I started to put myself first as my number one priority and do what makes me happy. So Heba was right, not only did she give me a better body, she also gave me knowledge and strength I never thought I had and that’s what I appreciate the most. Time is never wasted with Heba , she will push you to the limit and bring out the best in you . Thank you Heba Ali.”

-Barbara Sevillano

5 Week Transformation