Ambar Castro

Testimonals: Ambar Castro

“I was living in FL at the time and stalked Heba through Instagram because I knew once I saw her workouts/videos that I needed wonder woman to become my trainer when I moved back up North.I’ve had trainers in the past and Heba is one of the best there is out there. Her spirit,method, and knowledge inspire me to go further in all aspects of life. Training with Heba brings on a feeling of purpose, sense of courage, and a goal of getting stronger and powerful each session. These sessions have brought to my attention that I am stronger and more capable than what I think. Also that anything in life can be achieved through consistency,hard work, and perseverance.

When you train with Heba you will notice her professionalism in and outside the gym. She always puts her clients needs first by alternating her schedule to fit yours,always available via text for any inquiries regarding meal ideas,supplements,and exercise routines. I’ve come a long way and my body has transformed in ways I would have never imagined and the photos can speak for themselves.

There’s not a lot of people in this world that I look up to but I can honestly say Heba is definitely one of them. Her strength motivates me to never settle and to push forward even when the task/workout seems impossible.Thanks Heba for constantly reminding me that I am unstoppable as long as I believe in myself and that the best medicine for anything is SWEAT. So stop contemplating and train with Heba NOW..your heart,body,booty and soul will thank you!

#herefortheGainz #betterforit #BeastyA”

-Ambar Castro

5 Week Transformation