Our Story

What sparked my devotion to fitness?

I wish I can give a specific answer, however, many aspects played a role in developing my love and commitment for fitness. My earliest memory goes back to high school track tryouts. I tried out during my junior year, with no experience with running what-so-ever. I was coming in dead last in every meet which made it very easy for the coaches to forget about me. I was overlooked, I truly felt invisible and worthless.

The majority of people in my shoes would have thrown in the towel and gave up with the lack of encouragement and guidance given. Deciding not to give up, I worked three times harder than the other athletes, running to practices from my house (4 miles), and spending endless hours at the gym after track practice improving my skills. Two seasons later, I am the best 800 meter runner in my school and made it to states placing 1st in the 4×4 relay. My coach recommended I run the 800 meter which is basically a 1/2 mile sprint.

Because I trained with both the long distance team and short distance team I was referred to as the hybrid on the team. This nickname carries out with me till this day, as I have taken my hybrid training and passed it down to my clients. I know what it feels like to start from the bottom, I know what it feels like to want to quit, I know what it feels like to feel like you’re not good enough, strong enough, or worthy enough. Believe me, I felt it all and I’ve made it my focus to help those not only in sports but those leaving an ordinary life who can relate to these feelings. With my expertise, knowledge, and consistency I make it impossible for you to feel alone, weak or unworthy. Join my nation and evolve into the person you’ve always wanted to be.