01 Apr 2017

How to Get Fit at Home

 I get it.   You put in long hours at work, or maybe even work overnight shifts. You’re tight on money. You want to spend downtime with friends. Whatever the case may be, there will always be times where you just can’t make it to the gym. We’ve all been there and this is no excuse to skip your workouts! You can maintain or get in shape at home by training with minimal equipment, or even bodyweight. The best part is…you don’t have to leave your home! Too often, people underestimate the change a 20 minute workout can make. We can ALL find 20 minutes in the day to improve our health…it’s all about setting priorities. I guarantee that my techniques will work but I cannot guarantee that you’ll work my techniques. Put your health first!Here’s 5 FREE at home work-outs that will get your metabolism kickingDay 1: Legs Burner #1

20 Minutes

Kick-Backs 20 each side +10 pulse

Abductions 20 each side

Squat Jumps 15 reps

Wall Sit 1 Minute

Stationary Lunges 10 each side


Complete AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) within the 20 minutes and write down each time how many rounds you’ve completed. Each week, you’ll analyze how many more rounds you were able to complete. This is an efficient way of tracking your progress!


Day 2: Cardio Killer #1

20 Minutes

20 Jumping Jacks

20 Mountain Climbers

5 Burpees

15 Knee Hugs

15 Ice Skaters


Day 3: Bra/Back Fat Burner

20 Minutes

15 Push-ups

15 Low Plank to High Plank

15 Dips

15 Shoulder Taps

1 Minute Plank


Day 4: Total Body Fat Shredding

20 Minutes

15 Squat Jumps

30 Mountain Climbers

1 Minute Wall Sit

10 Push-up + Burpee

20 Leg Raises


Day 5: Core Crusher

20 Minutes

20 Single Leg Raise + Reach

15 Toe Touches

20 Bicycles

30 Sec Side Plank each side

20 Knee Hugs