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Evolve Nation 6 Week
Fat Burning Guide

Evolve Nation 6 Week
Fat Burning Guide

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We’re dedicated to revealing the true meaning behind fitness, health and wellness. We teach the fundamental factors that come with sustaining a healthy lifestyle change. There are no quick fixes! Getting the results, you’ve always wanted will begin with getting your mind strong—your body will follow. No matter where you’re at, we will teach you how to start living a healthier lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle you’ll want to continue living because it’s realistic and enjoyable! This transformation is not about just getting you the results. It’s about teaching you how to maintain and improve your results for the rest of your life!

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My experience training with Heba was exceptional. In the 5 weeks we trained, she made working out fun and challenging which only motivated me to work harder and do one more set or one more rep. The results that followed were incredible! I never knew how quickly I could get my body to change to the body I wanted. With Heba’s constant motivation and dedication to myself, and her other clients, she made the image in my head become a reality.


– Ethan Nouhan

When I first started my fitness journey with Heba, I was about 113 lbs. Prior to training with her I do have a record of having other personal trainers but I wanted a change. It was heavy in my heart to try something new and I am ecstatic I took the courage to do so. I am a very detailed person. I like things a certain way and also like to be understood. Heba payed attention to every detail of what I requested and added her own twist not only in the physical but also mental aspect.

– Nathalia Polanco

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